Ventilation - Downdraft

pop-up downdraft ventilation available at ApplianceLandSometimes getting an overhead vent is not an option, or the designer/homeowner do not want a visible vent in the kitchen. The solution is a Downdraft.

Downdrafts are available three different ways. The first is a Downdraft Range. A Downdraft Range is a range with the cooktop and oven together and a vent between the two burners of the cook surface. This option often solves many design issues, but it does limit the options to only 3-4 models.

The second option is a Downdraft Cooktop. This is a cooktop with the downdraft built-in, but again limits the models to choose from. Downdraft cooktops allow for a separate walloven, and also leave cabinet space under the cooktop.

A Pop-Up Downdraftp is the third option. In this solution the downdraft and cooktop are two independent appliances. The pop-up can work with virtually any model and size cooktop on the market. Be sure to consult an Appliance Specialist before planning for a downdraft to go over any specifics you may need to know. (i.e. It is never a good idea to cut granite based on the specs of a pop-up, always have the unit present)

It is important to note that all downdraft vents must be vented to the exterior of the house. If it is not possible to vent to the outside, an updraft solution may be necessary.


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