What to Know Before Buying
Refrigerators are available in different styles and importantly different sizes. Please be sure to measure the size of your space as well as the refrigerator itself.

The three different styles offered are:

The typical opening width requirements are 30" or less, 33", 36" (we also offer built-in refrigerators that are available in larger sizes). Depths vary between Counter Depth and Full Depth.

Counter depth refrigerators have a 24" deep case and appear to be built in to the 24" deep cabinetry around it. Counter depth refrigerators leave only the doors extending beyond the typical countertop. Full depth refrigerators vary in depth, but are approximately 4-6 inches deeper and generally project well beyond the countertop.

Heights vary from model to model so be sure to measure the exact height of your space, sometimes 1/8 of an inch can make a difference.

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